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Revealing Watermarks
Boston, Academic Studies Press, 2021 231x155 mm. 81 pp. Ill. Hardcover.
Revealing Watermarks

Revealing Watermarks

How to Enhance the Security of Hand-Made Paper Items and Reveal Hidden Data

Ian Christie-Miller

Watermarks reflect the very stuff of the origin, date, distribution, composition, history, and culture of paper-based items. Digital imaging of watermarks releases the research potential as widely as the internet itself. One example is the digital “fingerprinting” of paper in order to enhance the security of items, such as valuable and vulnerable maps. Revealing Watermarks offers detailed instructions of this process, through the author's own PaperPrint method, and by means of the case study of a sixteenth-century watermark—a crown from the arms of Danzig—it illustrates how cultural influences spread and have endured across the centuries, in this case from Sweden to Russia.