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Robert Geissler (1819–1893)
Bad Langensalza, Verlag Rockstuhl, 2021 210x 297 mm. 192 pp., 150 illus. Hardcover.
Robert Geissler (1819–1893)

Robert Geissler (1819–1893)

Ein Zeichner von 2000 Veduten: Biographie und Oeuvrekatalog

Eckhard Jäger

Robert Geissler worked from about 1855 to 1890 in various cities of Central and Northern Germany as a portraitist, photographer, landscape painter, war correspondent, newspaper reporter; as a publisher in Göttingen and Bremen; as the founder of a photography studio in Hamburg; and finally as the owner of a lithographic institute in Berlin. We were able to identify over 2,000 city views by Geissler (hand drawings, lithographs or woodcuts), of which about 1,600 sheets are allotted to 153 small-format souvenir albums referring to 127 different cities. With the present catalog, which strives for completeness, an attempt is made to rescue the extraordinarily prolific work of the vedutist Robert Geissler from oblivion. The catalog lists in alphabetical order of the cities first the city albums, then the hand drawings as well as the lithographs published as single sheets, and finally the woodcut illustrations arranged chronologically.