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Ein Meister der Druckkunst in Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Universitätsverlag Winter, 2021 245x165 mm. 147 pp. Ill. Hardcover.
Ein Meister der Druckkunst in Heidelberg

Ein Meister der Druckkunst in Heidelberg

Das Heidelberger Publikationsprogramm des Inkunabeldruckers Heinrich Knoblochtzer 1485-1495/1500

Christoph Roth

In the incunable era Heidelberg was a comparatively small printing town and few printers had to cover all sectors. The activity of Heinrich Knoblochtzer’s printing shop examined here included broadsheets as well as extensive Latin works, textbooks and technical manuals as well as entertainment literature and religious books for a non-Latin educated lay public, confessionals as well as popular astrological and calendrical literature. For the first time, all 85 titles published in Knoblochtzer’s printing workshop in the period 1485-1495/1500 are divided into subject groups, assigned to possible client or recipient groups, and the work of the printer is illustrated in numerous illustrations. The book thus fills an important gap in the history of culture, literature and publishing in Heidelberg and Baden-Württemberg.