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Architekturtheorie im deutschsprachigen Kulturraum 1486-1648
Colmena Verlag, 2018 Size: 330x245 mm. Full blue cloth. 742 pages, with color illustrations.
Architekturtheorie im deutschsprachigen Kulturraum 1486-1648

Architekturtheorie im deutschsprachigen Kulturraum 1486-1648

Oechslin, Werner – Büchi, Tobias – Pozsgai, Martin

This reference work casts new light on the early-modern German architectural theorists and provides a systematic study and survey of the German architectural treatises published between 1486 and 1648 by over 60 authors. In the 442 catalogue entries about 1000 different copies preserved in libraries from all over the world are described in detail. In addition to title transcription, collation and pagination of the works, each entry provides a description of the content of the texts and of the illustrations with the identification, when possible, of the draughtsmen and engravers. About 870 illustrations illustrate the catalogue, which includes Walther Hermann Ryff’s commented editions of Vitruvius, the Italian treatises by Serlio and Vignola translated into German, and the “column books” by Hans Blum, Wendel Dietterlin, Gabriel Krammer, and Rutger Kasemann. Also included are the treatises on the art of fortification by Albrecht Dürer, Daniel Specklin and Wilhelm Dilich, as well as writings on geometry and perspective, such as those by Hans Lencker and Wenzel Jamnitzer.