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S. Schottlaender
Wiesbaden, Harrasowitz Verlag, 2020 240x170 mm. 195 pp. Paperback.
S. Schottlaender

S. Schottlaender

Ein Breslauer Verlag im Kaiserreich

Urszula Bonter

The Breslau press and book publisher S. Schottlaender (1876-1920) was one of the most important fiction publishers in the German Empire. Paul Lindau’s influential Rundschau Nord und Süd was published there for 27 years; Schottlaender also brought out the first edition of Fontane’s LʼAdultera in 1882.

In her study, Urszula Bonter offers systematic analyses on the publisher's profile, supplemented by individual portraits of Karl Gutzkow, Michael Georg Conrad, Karl Emil Franzos, Paul Heyse, Theodor Fontane, Ludwig Anzengruber and Paul Lindau. These portraits provide a detailed insight into the often conflict-laden relations between the Jewish big businessman and his prominent authors. The history of the forgotten publishing house is reconstructed with the help of extensive archive material. The facsimile of the publishing catalogue for the 25th anniversary of the company illustrates the distribution practices of the time. This appendix can serve as a starting point for further bibliographic and historical investigations.