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Johann George Schreiber (1676–1750)
Bad Langensalza, Verlag Rockstuhl, 2019 297x210 mm. 98 pp., 105 illus. Hardcover.
Johann George Schreiber (1676–1750)

Johann George Schreiber (1676–1750)

Kupferstecher und Atlasverleger in Leipzig

Eckhard Jäger

Johann George Schreiber is known in the history of geography and cartography as the author and publisher of some 150 maps and atlases; less familiar are his city views and miniature pocket calendars. But largely obscure are the circumstances of his life and work. How many maps and views did he create? Did he employ other engravers? What were the circulation and price of his products? How did copyright issues and royal privileges affect his work? How did his widow and his nephew Johann Christian Schreiber continue the engraving and publishing business? How was the company “Schreiber’s Heirs” continued after 1810 under Magister Riedig, who married into it? The present study reconstructs Schreiber’s work by presenting a complete index of the works created by him and his heirs in the period from about 1700 to 1800. Furthermore, the miniature calendars as well as other products of the publishing house “Schreiber’s Heirs”, which was active in Leipzig and for a time in Zittau until 1875, are listed and commented on. Finally, there is an excursus on the work processes of an engraver, on print runs, and on the relationship between map prices and the cost of living.