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Heidelberg, Universitätsverlag Winter, 2020 245x160 mm. 403 pp. Hardcover.


Ergebnisse der neuen Forschung

Rolf Bergmann & Stefanie Stricker, eds.

A decade of active gloss research has led to important new findings, which are made available in this volume. The contributions inform about the state of knowledge in the manuscript studies, the state of digitization and editing, about further editing tasks, about glossographic phenomena such as contextual glosses and pen samples, as well as about the grammatical and lexicographical results of the new gloss editions. Freising, St. Gall, and Reichenau become even more clearly recognizable as centers of glossography, and the preeminent position of Prudentius and Gregory the Great as glossed authors is also confirmed by the new findings. Early medieval glossography is embedded in the broader cultural-historical context of annotation.