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Devises Héroïques & Galantes du Roi-Soleil
Paris, Édition des Cendres, 2019 336x250 mm. 320 pp. 150 colored ill. Hardcover.
Devises Héroïques & Galantes du Roi-Soleil

Devises Héroïques & Galantes du Roi-Soleil

Jean-Marc Chatelain & André Jammes

An exceptional facsimile of a hitherto unknown manuscript, presenting 114 mottoes calligraphed and painted in the century of Louis XIV, here reproduced with the greatest care and on selected paper. This edition highlights three arts at their peak in the seventeenth century: the invention of mottoes and madrigals celebrating particular persons of rank, illumination and calligraphy. The commentators of the manuscript, André Jammes and Jean-Marc Chatelain, in their accompanying texts, bring to the forefront through their in-depth research three forgotten figures: the writer François Clément, the painter Pierre-Paul Sevin, and the calligrapher Charles Gilbert.