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buntpapier als pART der WW
Hamburg: pars artis edition, 2018 210x210 mm. 220 pp. Illustrated. Artist book – standard (numbered and signed) edition nr. 12/40. Handbound paperback, embossed title on the front cover, free (external) ribbon with balls as bookmarks. Four unique GR-decorated papers (all matched to the size of the book), single sheet in spatula technique, paste paper according to Moravian style, paste sponge technique, and pasting technique with wooden sticks, signed 12/40a-bis 12/40d: GR 2018. The unique GR-decorated papers are uncut to show the traces of work. A passepartout is included to cover the traces of work on the unique decorated paper. GR-unique decorated paper-dust jacket paste technique, black-anthracite-grey, also signed.
buntpapier als pART der WW

buntpapier als pART der WW

Max Morgenstern, Josef Hoffmann und die WIENER WERKSTÄTTE

Gisela Reschke

This artist book, whose packaging has also been studied as an introduction to the book itself, primarily deals with “literary tourism”, i.e. book/library history using the example of a library in whole or in part traveling, in this case that of Max Morgenstern from Vienna and Bielsko Biala (Poland) to England and back to Vienna, albeit from different sources of motivation. From the book also emerge the interaction of a bibliophile collector (Max Morgenstern), a creative developer (Josef Hoffmann) and a brilliant community of craftsmen (the Wiener Werkstätte), and the influence of this collector on the design of the objects.