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Sally Burdon


Sally Burdon
Mario Giupponi


Mario Giupponi
Stuart Bennett 3

General Secretary

Stuart Bennett
Rob Shepherd


Rob Shepherd

Committee Members

Anne Lamort

Anne Lamort
Pavel Chepyzhov Headshot

Pavel Chepyzhov

ILAB Mentoring Programme Coordinator

Angus O Neill

Angus O'Neill

ILAB Security Officer

Eberhard Köstler New

Eberhard Köstler

ILAB Executive Secretary

Angelika Elstner Cropped shelf

ILAB Secretariat

Angelika Eistner
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 09h - 16h (GMT+2)

The ILAB Secretariat can be contacted at any given time related to security issues.
Languages spoken: English, German, French