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Online: Aldines - Schück, Aldus Manutius and the printers of his time


“In aedibus Aldi: the legacy of Aldus Manutius and his press” – the digital version of an exhibition about the famous early printer: Aldus Manutius from Venice, whose books are known as “Aldines”. The exhibition was held in the Harold B. Lee Library from March to August, 1995, comprising a selection of the library's Aldine holdings, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Aldine Press. Each book is illustrated with a picture of the binding followed by a picture of the title page, where present, and in some cases a selection of other pages. The catalogue by Paul J. Angerhofer, Mary Ann Addy Maxwell, Robert L. Maxwell, with binding descriptions by Pamela Barrios, is a valuable bibliography for collectors and antiquarian booksellers. A print version is available at the Harold B. Lee Library, the digital version is available on this website.

Schück, Aldus Manutius and the printers of his time

Julius Schück: Aldus Manutius und seine Zeitgenossen in Italien und Deutschland: Im Anhange: die Familie des Aldus bis zu ihrem Ende – This bibliography was published in Berlin 1862, and is still a valuable reference work for Aldines and other early printings.