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In Honour of Tim Munby, Librarian at King’s College, Cambridge, 1946-1974: The theme of great collectors was chosen in 2013 to celebrate the life and achievements of Tim Munby, Librarian at King’s College, Cambridge, 1946-1974, and a pioneer of the historical study of book collecting. The conference was met with great enthusiasm and proceedings were published in a special issue of the Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society in December 2015.

King’s College, Cambridge, will hold a follow-up conference on 18 and 19 June 2016 to focus on the theme of modern private collecting, one of Munby’s great interests. Titled “Mania and Imagination: Perils and Pleasures of the Private Collector Present and Future” this conference aims to investigate the nature of book collecting by private individuals today, and to look at the future in a rapidly changing world. The speakers are collectors themselves, or are involved in the manuscript and book trade, or study modern collectors and their collections.  They include ABA member Justin Croft, Mirjam Foot, Meg Ford, Peter Jones, Michael Meredith and Toshiyuki Takamiya.  The event will also feature themed discussion panels and presentations from young collectors and bibliographers.

A reception will be held by kind courtesy of Cambridge University Library on 18 June, followed by a dinner at King’s College.

>>> Click here for the conference programme

(Picture: the organizer)