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California Rare Book School
University of California Los Angeles
300 Charles E. Young Drive North
Los Angeles, CA

California Rare Book School is a continuing education program dedicated to providing the knowledge and skills required by professionals working in all aspects of the rare book community, and for students interested in entering the field.

Founded in 2005, CalRBS is a project of the Department of Information Studies at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA. CalRBS is supported by an informal consortium of many of the academic and research libraries and antiquarian booksellers of Southern California.

Courses - Week 2

The Renaissance Book, 1400-1650 (Craig Kallendorf)

History of the Book in Hispanic America, 16th – 19th Centuries (Daniel J. Slive, David Szewczyk)

Artists’ Books: Collection Development and Assessment (Johanna Drucker)

Library & Archives Preservation in the Digital Age (Mark S. Roosa)

Exhibiting Rare Books & Ephemera (NEW) (Marianne Lamonaca)