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Wells College Book Arts Center Wells Book Arts Center
Wells College Book Arts Center
170 Main St, Wells College
Aurora, NY

The Wells College Book Arts Center, established in 1993, provides a broad learning opportunity in the arts and crafts of the book. Students learn first-hand the traditions and history of the book through letterpress printing and hand bookbinding courses, a History of the Book course, an introduction to calligraphy course, and special topics courses such as Digital Design and the Artist Book, Boxmaking, Inspiration and the Medieval Binding, and the Printed Book.


1. Poets at the Press: Print and Bind Your Own Chapbook with Katie Baldwin

2. A Box is an Invitation: Enclosure Design and Production with Sarah Bryant

3. Mixed Media Neuland: Explore + Experiment + Create with Nancy Culmone

4. Working with an Iron Press: Analog and Digital Typography with Tricia Treacy