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Bodleian Library
Vaughn Williams Memorial Library
Broad Street
£18 | £15
Come to the Broadside Day, the annual one day conference for people interested in street literature in all its fascinating aspects - broadsides, chapbooks, songsters, woodcuts, last dying speeches, catchpennies, wonder-tales, almanacs, fortune-tellers, and all kinds of cheap printed material sold to ordinary people in city streets, country fairs, and from pedlars’ packs up and down the country in past centuries.
Organised by the EFDSS and Traditional Song Forum, this year’s Broadside Day will be hosted by the Bodleian Library in Oxford, and will feature a talk from Dr. Alexandra Franklin from the Department of Special Collections, along with a display of street literature from the library’s collections. The day is suitable for beginners and experts alike, who will all enjoy its lively and informal atmosphere.

For all info, please visit the website of the Vaughn Williams Memorial Library.