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Swedish Antiquarian Booksellers Association (SVAF)
Royal Academy of Fine Arts
Fredsgatan 12
Mats Petersson

The Swedish Antiquarian Booksellers Association (SVAF) has now announced the dates for the 2018 Stockholm Antiquarian Book Fair. The fair will take place from the 17th to the 18th of March at Stockholm’s beautiful Royal Academy of Fine Arts. 
31 exhibitors from Sweden,Finland, Norway, England and Holland, including 4 bookbinders and 3 book related associations are participating in the fair.

The 2018 fair will see an exciting programme of events which is organised in association with Biblis, the journal of the Royal Library of Sweden. 

1. 12.00 Svante Tirén: Blott dekoration? Idé och gestaltning i 1800-talets dekorationsmåleri
2. 13.00 Ulf Nordqvist: Om 1806-års bibliotek
3. 14.00 Björn Dal: Naturaliesamlarna Wheelwright och Wolley
4. 15.00 Tim Bolton: Sweden's important but elusive manuscript collectors
1. 12.00 Gunnel Furuland: Henk Rispens - bokens textilkonstnär
2. 14.00 Tomas Lidman: Sällskapet Bokvännernas utgivning 
3. 15.00 Magdalena Gram: Edvard Munch illustrerar August Strindberg

Please note that the Scandinavian Booksellers' Associations (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) relaunched the online platform in 2017 - find rare books, maps, prints and more online, prior to the fair!