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Horticulture List #413 - Spring Miscellany (April 2013) contains 42 books on a variety of horticultural subjects including wildflowers, fruits, perennials, roses, herbs and garden design. Highlights include: Bigelow's AMERICAN MEDICAL BOTANY (Boston 1817-1820); Forsyth's TREATISE ON THE CULTURE & MANAGEMENT OF FRUIT-TREES, First edition (London 1802); Gordon's PINETUM with its SUPPLEMENT (London 1858:1862) and Otto Plath's BUMBLEBEES & THEIR WAYS Signed by the author (NY 1934). Please contact us at if you would like to receive a print copy of this list.
Other specialties
American Horticultural Literature, Garden Design, Garden History, Herbs & Herbals, Landscape Architecture, Plants