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Horticulture List #411 (April 2011) contains 39 items on a variety of topics in the fields of horticulture and agriculture including Loddiges' BOTANICAL CABINET, Michaux's NORTH AMERICAN SYLVA, Johnson's JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURE, Meager's NEW ART OF GARDENING and Ward's ON THE GROWTH OF PLANTS IN CLOSELY GLAZED CASES. It also contains two works by John Worlidge (SYSTEMA AGRICULTURAE and COMPLEAT SYSTEM OF HUSBANDRY & GARDENING) as well as two by Filippo Re (MANUALE DEL GIARDINIERE PRATICO and SAGGIO TEORICO-PRATICO SULLE MALATTIE DELLE PIANTE). Please contact us at if you would like to receive a print copy of this catalogue.
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American Horticultural Literature, Garden Design, Garden History, Herbs & Herbals, Landscape Architecture, Plants