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Catalogue #24 (May 2017), "Flowers - with Sections on Roses, Orchids and Succulents," contains 225 items ranging from individual flower monographs to a section of "Language of Flowers" books. Highlights include the following: Brook's NEW CYCLOPAEDIA OF BOTANY AND COMPLETE BOOK OF HERBS (London 1851-1854) with 100 colored plates; Hey's THE MORAL OF FLOWERS (London 1836) with 28 colored plates of bouquets; Stern's PEONIES OF GREECE in the limited edition, with 12 loose color lithographs measuring 26" tall by 20" wide suitable for individual framing; and a nurseryman's sales catalogue with 57 color plates of fruits, flowers and trees from the Miller & House Nursery (circa 1888), a U.S./Canadian cross-border nursery. Please contact us at or phone us at (609) 466-0522 if you would like to receive a print version of this catalogue.
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