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Horticulture Catalogue #22 (October 2015) - "General Gardening" - is a full-size 24pp. catalogue that contains 230 books on a variety of general gardening topics. Highlights include: Liger’s OECONOMIE GENERALE DE LA CAMPAGNE, Amsterdam 1701; Loddiges’ BOTANICAL CABINET, Vol. 7 1822 – Vol. 13 1827 published in London and containing 699 (of 701) colored botanical plates; and THE SPORTSMAN’S DICTIONARY, London 1785, with frontispiece and 16 detailed copper plates illustrating nets, snares and traps used for hunting birds and small mammals. In addition, there are several complete multi-volume series of general gardening books published in the early 20th century such as the 17-volume PRESENT-DAY GARDENING series, the 14-volume GARDEN LIBRARY series and the 9-volume HOME GARDEN HANDBOOK series. Please contact us at or by phone at (609) 466-0522 if you would like to receive a print copy of this catalogue.
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