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Horticulture Catalogue #21 (June 2015) - "Landscape & Gardens" - is a full-size 24pp. catalogue that contains 228 books on garden design, landscape architecture, and gardens from around the world. There is also a section on rock, wall, and water gardens at the rear of the catalogue. Highlights include: Brooke's GARDENS OF ENGLAND, 11 (of 19) properties complete with all illustrations and text, London 1857; Dezallier d'Argenville's DIE GARTNEREY, 39 plates, Augsburg 1731; and Switzer's INTRODUCTION TO A GENERAL SYSTEM OF HYDROSTATICKS & HYDRAULICKS, 62 engraved plates, London 1729. Please contact us at or phone us at (609) 466-0522 if you would like to receive a print copy of this catalogue.
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American Horticultural Literature, Garden Design, Garden History, Herbs & Herbals, Landscape Architecture, Plants