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Horticulture List #1013 - Fall Miscellany (October 2013) contains 38 books and ephemera on a variety of horticulture subjects including garden history, plant lore, plant exploration, fruits, and landscape architecture. Highlights include: Doubleday, Page & Co.'s complete 14 volume set of the GARDEN LIBRARY SERIES (NY 1901-1913); Keese's FLORAL KEEPSAKE (NY 1850); and a run of Maund's BOTANIC GARDEN, Vol.1 1825 - Vol.6 1835/1836 (London). Please contact us at or phone us at (609) 466-0522 if you would like to receive a print copy of this list.
Other specialties
American Horticultural Literature, Garden Design, Garden History, Herbs & Herbals, Landscape Architecture, Plants