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It is with great pleasure that we are able to offer for sale one of the best collections of Travel posters we have had to date. This will be the tenth Annual Travel Posters exhibition and we hope you will find these as enjoyable as we do.
We have another Imperial Airways poster (item 1) this year to spearhead the catalogue. The poster is all about luxury travel in the 30s.
One of the most striking posters we have is by Edward Bawden titled “British Empire Exhibition.” (item 7). The level of detail is extraordinary and it was designed to be a great advertisement for all the goods and services provided by the Empire.
We also have a wonderful collection of Norwegian Travel Posters (items 18-24) as well as some attractive Swiss posters (items 54-60). The Gstaad poster (item 60) dated 1924 is the earliest we have seen advertising this popular resort.
There is a fun Hawaii poster (item 81) depicting a group of friends surfing a giant wave on a canoe which is a great image.
We also have a very rare poster from Ceylon (item 91) advertising trips to Europe and the Colourful Orient.
The catalogue concludes with an impressive Australian poster (item 96) showing the tallest trees in the British Empire as of 1935.
An exhibition will take place in the Gallery
from Friday 11th November – Friday 2nd December 2016.
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