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This Catalogue has not been collected from the far flung corners of Empires, but from the relative safety of browsing Booksellers Catalogues and Fair Stands, items discovered out of place in book auctions, and from the estates of the Servants of Empire who have no further use for Pig Sticking Spears. Nothing has been imported for this catalogue but everything in it has been washed up on British shores from Empires of the World. The most recent Afghan Wars are represented by the rugs woven for soldiers and Aid Workers, and the 1580 Fries woodcut map showing the extent of the Empire of Alexander the Great, to a collection of redundant Indian Policeman’s Whistles issued before the 1947 Independence.

Clifford Bax, after the First World War, wrote the words to the Hymn exhorting “Turn Back O Man forswear thy foolish ways… Age after Age their Tragic Empires Rise”, ending with the hope that “Earth Shall be Fair and All Men Glad and Wise”. Each item here has it’s place in the “tragic rise” and each a beauty and fascination of it’s age.
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