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Fueled by Southern California’s unabated growth in population, the maps in the present collection reflect the real estate boom unfolding in the 1920s. Los Angeles, in particular, was viewed as a land of limitless opportunity. For the city’s elite, wealth had been created in a variety of ways: manufacturing, surface transportation, publishing, the film industry, oil, and of course real estate. With prosperity and the growth in population came the creation of new, vigorously marketed, subdivisions: Palos Verdes, the Hollywood Hills, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, the Wilshire District, etc. Similar transformations brought about by real estate development were unfolding throughout Southern California, but the heady prospects of the 1920s (and with them various grandiose real estate ventures) came to a sudden end with the economic collapse of 1929. However, during the prime years of growth and prosperity there was, as one prospectus proclaimed, "Big Lot Demand" with "Monster Gains" to be made in real estate. The following listing reflects, through an engaging collection of real estate maps (many with notations regarding price etc.), the growth of Los Angeles and other areas of Southern California during the roaring twenties.
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