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This catalog contains 107 unique photography items, including photo albums, framed photos, slides, prints, and books. It is heavily weighted towards vernacular (that is, amateur) photography, with an emphasis on photo albums.

Each one tells a very particular story, usually of an individual or small group. Each of these stories, some more coherent than others, is almost always “curated” by someone who was central to the actions and activities depicted, although is not always pictured among the participants.

What is clear is that each provides some sort of point of view that can, with either ease or difficulty, be decoded. Albums depict geographical locations, travel, occupational activities, hobbies and past-times, gender specific concerns, business pursuits, fraternal comradery, military experiences, countercultural activities, and many other points of view. Unraveling the thread of each album is largely the fun of viewing them. Each album, although common themes are plentiful, is by its very nature a unique, primary source of information about persons, or places, or things.

As such, we only have one of each, and once they are sold cannot be replaced. But the good news is that if you are interested in these sorts of albums, and know what areas you are in pursuit of, don’t hesitate to let us know, as we don’t see our interest in them waning anytime soon, and we’d be happy to send quotes to interested parties where applicable.
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