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I will be showing two distinct groups; The first group, Photography: In the Beginning, is a selection of 87 key works on the evolution of the medium, including 55 pre-1865 imprints from France, England and America. These include Daguerre's Manual, Talbot's Talbotype Process, and a key group that is the foundation for color photography.

The second group, Pictorial Selection, is a group of 52 books and photographs from the last 150 years. These include Ansel Adam's SIERRA NEVADA: The JOHN MUIR TRAIL, Tina Barney's SWIMMING, Bates' own copy of his unique extra-illustrated travels through Mexico and California, a maquette with photomontage for a poster by E. McKnight Kauffer, and Robert Frank LES AMERICAINS twice signed with a drawing.
Other specialties