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Over 400 mimeograph publications from the 1920s onward. Many of these magazines and their contents have yet to be fully documented. They contain little-known first published appearances, overlooked poems and stories, and covers both achingly beautiful and wonderfully wretched.

The do-it-yourself nature of mimeographs meant they could be produced by anyone, anywhere with varying levels of sophistication, from a professional-looking magazine with established writers to a cheaply produced booklet filled with contributions from the aspiring and unpublished. What's more, many of these mimeos are next to impossible to find, with print runs that exist in the low hundreds, making complete sets next to impossible to assemble.

For the sake of this catalog the mimeos and literary magazines are divided into three periods for easier reference. The dates below may seem arbitrary, but I believe movements have a way of defining themselves. They are:
. 1929 – 1957: Starting with Ivor Winters' The Gyroscope at Stanford.
. 1958 – 1970: Beginning with the publication of both Yugen and the suppressed issue of the Chicago Review (later reprinted as Big Table #1).
. 1971 – 1985: Following the deaths of Jack Kerouac and Charles Olson less than three months apart.
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