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Some highlights in this catalog include Photography...

1926 - Australia - Three Photo Albums containing 427 Gelatin Silver Prints with Rare Views of Palm Island Penal Settlement

1936 - World Voyage of Irish Playwright, George Bernard Shaw - Photo Album Chronicling his Voyage on board the SS Arandora Star

1940 - WWII Italy - Photographs include the Public Hanging of Mussolini in Milan, Liberation of Paris, France and Italy

1943 - WWII British India - Two Photo Albums with a Mini Archive of War Medals, Letters & Telegrams

1952 - British Somaliland - Photo Album with 340 Gelatin Silver Prints, Postcards, Ephemera, Military Documents, including (4) URGENT Manuscript Despatches, and Maps of Patrol Routes & Defence Strategies

1953 - Egypt - Photo Album of British Controlled Suez Canal Zone with over 200 Gelatin Silver Prints with Highly Detailed Manuscript Captions
Other specialties