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- Two earliest Lenin's books uniformly bound and complete with the original covers
- The first Lenin's article separately published typographically
- Original version of Russian Social Democratic Labour Party program
- The Bulgakov's masterpiece. First book edition in Russian
- Original edition of Taneev's reduction of Tchaikovsky's The Nutckracker for piano.
- Russian ballet. Photos of Galina Ulanova
- Coloured maps of Kodiak, Woody and Pribilof islands
- First Stephen Crane's magazine story in first Crane's book in Russian
- 30.000 volunteers wanted. First Russian edition of The Red Badge of Courage
- First Russian editions of Hemingway's stories
- Russian James Joyce misprint
- Ukranian design for Hemingway
- First apearance of Salinger in Ukranian in book format
Other specialties
Twentieth century