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- First appearance of The Master and Margarita. Handmade book.
- Bulgakov and Gogol under one cover
- Kustodiev's illustrations for Gogol's prose
- Mars as the first bolshevik utopia
- Dark public relations or Russian flea in England
- Early graphic works of Alexander Yakovlev
- The Great Gatsby speaks Ukranian
- The Great Gatsby speaks Czech
- First published work by Boris Pasternak as a translator
- First appearance of any James Joyce's book in Russia
- A Connecticut Yankee first time in Russia
- Planetarium only looks like a church
- Serapion sister for children
- How is chocolate made?
- Activity book
- Photobooks for youths. Treasure hunt
- Is it realy political report, not children book?
- Stalin's cult of ersonality in 30s
- Stalin's cult of personality in 40s
- Constructivism
- Nomenklatura samizdat
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