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- The first book appearance of any H.G. Well’ s novel in Russia
- The first Russian edition of H.G. Well’ s “The Time machine”
- First book appearance of Aldous Huxley in Russian
- First appearance of William Faulkner in Russian
- First book appearance of Irwin Shaw in Russian
- First Salinger’s book published in Russian
- The only life-time publication of J.R.R. Tolkien in Russian
- First Bilbo Baggins drawn by Russian artist
- First Russian edition of “The Great Gatsby”
- Theory of business -cycles. Eugene Slutsky “The Summation of Random Causes as a Source of Cyclical Processes”
- Nobel prize laureate L. Kantorovich’s best-known book
- Nobel prize laureate L. Kantorovich’s first book
- Jews question in Russia in Klutsis’ covers
- One of the best Russian play from 1920s
- Russian avant-garde for children
- Russian ditties
- Travelogue poetry about USA
- Ferdowsi in Persian
- Mao Tse-tung in Russian
- Broadway in Moscow in 1960
Other specialties
Banned soviet books