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Catalogue 75 has 3.100 pages (oblong in-folio) and approximately 1.900 color plates with close to 3.000 illustrations; together with volumes I-III from 2003 the catalogue totals 4.384 pages and 2.500 color plates, printed on very fine paper and sturdily bound in illustrated hard cover, preserved in three illustrated boxes.

Vol. IX is especially valuable as it contains reproductions of all 50 large illustration cycles present in the collection, illustrated in chronological order and original size, as well as 180 of the finest bindings in the collection.

We offer a subscription price for the six volumes of catalogue 75: € 1.500,- instead of € 2.000,- and for all nine volumes (catalogue 50 & 75) at € 2.250,- instead of € 3.000,-
Please note that these subscription prices are valid until 31 December 2015.
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