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Other specialties
o German literature in Britain: the craze for Gottfried Bürger, 1796–8
o English literature in Austria (William Walsh elegantly set, 1771), and Russia (De Quincey inspires Gogol, 1834)
o an English reading room in Paris, 1822; a German account of English life, 1845; a Russian view of Coolidge, Churchill, Mussolini (and Charlie Chaplin), 1927
o children's books: Sandford and Merton from provincial Germany, 1802; Jack Vosmyorkin, American, 1930, 'a book which every Young Pioneer was reported to have read' (no copy in OCLC)
o music: an 'American' composer in Paris, c.1800
o English verse from Strasbourg, 1792; Russian proletarian poetry from 1905 (no copy in OCLC)
o Russica: an Italian life of Peter the Great, 1739; a collection of book reviews, 1802; a French account of Alexander II, inscribed
Plus: absolutism in action, 1724; Bishop Berkeley as medical advertising, 1749; a cross-dressing French spy, 1767; and an unrecorded English ghost story from 1826