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The catalogue illustrates a private collection of 175 ítems related mainly to Egypt.We highlight the fine copy of Belzoni´s first edition with text and folio atlas; David Robert´s own copy of the rare book Views of the Nile by Owen Jones,Boies Penrose´s copy of Pococke Description of the East, Layard´s copy of Vivant Denon Planches du Voyage dans la Basse et Haut Egypte 1802,other folio plate books by Allan,Bida,Binion,Caillaud (2 volumes),Pascal Coste,Francis Frith,Gau,Hamilton,Robert Hay,Charles Head,Linant de Bellefonds,Luigi Mayer,Henry Pilleau,Spilsbury,Thevenot,Van Lennep,Melchior Vogue,Robert Wood.
Books in 4to and 8vo with many first edition,dedicated and association copies of distinguished provenances:
Sonnini,Baron Taylor,Champollion,Chardin,Doyle,Gemelli Careri,Joliffe,Laborde,Layard,Legh,Le Macrier,Paul Lucas,,Lyon,Mouradja D´Ohsson,Montulé, Maundrell,Norden,Rycaut,Sandys (1 rare edition),Schubert and Bernatz,Thomas Shaw,Spencer,Spon & Wheler,Thevenot, Caylus (Blackmer´s copy), Tully,Pietro della Valle,Villamont,Volney,Savary,Wilkinson (1 edition with egyptological binding).
Willey Reveley three outstading watercolours signed and dated in Egypt 1785. Pyramids,Heliopoli´s obelisk and Pompey´s pillar at Alexandria.
large watercolour by Cassas of Pompey´s pillar at Alexandria,
Two large watercolours of Alexandria by Dedem Van de Gelder signed during his Egypt´s sejour (1791-92)
Lady Louisa Tenison two large drawings of the Philae´s temple
William James Muller watercolour and pastel view of Karnak´s hypostyle hall.
Abukir´s battle large spanish watercolour unique of its kind.
Henry Pilleau´s two original watercolours
Finally stereoscopic collection,watercolour´s album,maps,prints,engravings complete this collection that encompass four centuries of western interest on Egypt and its monumental remains.
Other specialties