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Devoted to Astronomy, Mechanics, Meteorology and some other disciplines, some highlights are:
- First Meteorology book published in French (1547)
- Bauhin engravings of fossils, apples, pears... (1598/1612)
- Angelo Sala's work on Anthimony (1617)
- Abraham Bosse's engravings explaining perspective (1648 / 1653)
- Böcker's Theatrum Machinarum with handwritten translation into French (1662)
- 2nd. ed of Cosmotheoros, by Huygens (1699)
- An impressive copy of Leupold's eight volume Theatrum machinarum (1724-1727)
- A bautiful copy of the Brisson's Dictionnaire de Astronomie (1781)
and more...
Other specialties