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“The art of the Culture is to preserve order amid change;
the art of the Counter Culture is to preserve change amid order.”
– anonymous bookseller, possibly (or probably) plagiarized from someone else

What is the Counter Culture?

Although Between The Covers Rare Books has been dealing in Counter Cultural material pretty much since we’ve existed as an entity, we’ve never issued a catalog strictly devoted to the subject. When we started in the mid 1980s, some of the “Cultures” whose artifacts we’re now dealing in didn’t even exist. This goes to show that the definition of Counter Culture is constantly evolving.

Obviously much of one’s perspective on this is or can be generational. And indeed the friction created by the
interaction of the generations might actually be the proper definition. Pretty much all rock-and-roll in the
1950s was Counter Culture; by the 1980s (and even much earlier) it was the soundtrack for elevators.
Our approach to the subject is much like that of Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s approach to
pornography: it’s hard to define, but “I know it when I see it.” One doubts that Justice Stewart has reviewed
some of the websites that we’ve seen, and how his definition might have adapted itself to the present reality.

But finally, our own practical definition of Counter Culture is that it is whatever we say that it is. Thus have we a
convenient excuse to seek out and buy anything that we think forms the outermost perimeter of our culture, and
more importantly, amuses us.

Please forgive (or don’t, as you see fit) the unevenness of this selection. We anticipate doing more of these in the
future, with greater and lesser emphasis on some of the movements and genres represented, depending on what
wonderments present themselves to us.
Other specialties
Art, 1960's, Posters, Flyers, Juvenile Delinquent, Poetry, Surfing, Broadsides, African-Americana, Bikers, Drugs, Hip Hop, Hippies, LGBT, Protest, Punk, Rave, Photography, Sexuality, Theater, Vietnam War
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