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Archiv edition et, Berlin

From 1966 to 1968, the «edition et» published a series of anthologies including works of artists belonging to movements such as Fluxus, Concept Art, Concrete Poetry, Viennese Actionism. The book publisher Christian Grützmacher and Berlin artist Bernhard Höke were the first editors in the German speaking countries to work with artists belonging to the American Fluxus movement around George Maciunas and Dick Higgins’ New York Avantgarde Publishing house «Something Else Press». They completed these works with contributions of German and Swiss artists. This important series of publications radically allowed questioning the meaning of art, exactly 50 years after the invention of DADA.

We could save a part of the «edition et» archives. These include originals, photographs and correspondence of Christo (original collage of the first project of the packing of a building in 1962) and of Daniel Spoerri’s «Lunettes noires» project of 1961. Other objects are partially unedited photographs of Otto Muehl and Hermann Nitsch, original works of Arnulf Rainer, original photographs of Charlotte Moorman’s and Nam June Paik’s 1964 legendary music performances in New York, original typoscripts of Wolf Vostell’s earliest happenings as well as originals, documents and correspondence of Fluxus artists such as George Brecht, Robert Filliou, Dick Higgins, Ben Vautier, Emmett Williams, Ken Friedman, and so on.

You can order the printed version of the catalogue for the price of CHF 25.-- + shipping costs:
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