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Catalog 57
Sustained Ambitions or, The Eccentricities of Endurance

Books and manuscripts, allied with a multiplicity of related items, 165 to 2014, all connected by subject, form, appearance, manufacturing mode, or creative process, all described with a presumption of familiarity, and in our unruly, bawdy, and quixotic style, many with rants and assaults from the scrolls of book collecting (Book Code), and some others enhanced by, or if you prefer, diminished by those hopefully tolerated detours and digressions, captured under the banner we fly as,

The Tao of the Octopus.

The seventh catalog in an un nished series of undetermined length, reinforcing the bookseller’s avant–garde, and heralding the winds of change, through our once concealed, but now revealed aim to craft book catalogs as folk art, without abandoning the self–actualizing forms, protocols, disciplines, and traditions we embrace as the internally guiding, and externally comforting, virtues of the past.
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