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Catalog 53
Pricey Ice Cream or, The Inefficiencies of Silence.

Books and manuscripts, 1250 B. C.–2014 escorting an assortment of affably related items, here systematically gathered as an ongoing confirmation of the range and the array we assume is both expected and accepted. All described in the idiosyncratic style to which we have now become enslaved, most amplified by the historical, bibliographical, cultural, personal, uniting, artistic, or esoteric, some with new maxims or sharp rants from the scrolls of book collecting (Book Code), and interspersed throughout are those drolly allied reroutings aerated as, The Tao of the Octopus.

The third catalog in a new series of undetermined length, reinforcing the bookseller’s avant–garde, and heralding the winds of change, through our once concealed, but now revealed, aim to craft book catalogs as folk art, while sustaining the traditional form, as proof that we have not abandoned, and in fact reclaim, the still familiar, functional, and pragmatic rituals of the past.
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