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Douglas Stewart Fine Books is presenting for sale Bibliotheca Peruana, one of the world's finest private libraries relating to the history of Peru. The collection is currently on the market. We will be exhibited the collection along with other important books at the international antiquarian bookfairs in San Mateo and Pasadena in California in early February 2016.

Bibliotheca Peruana was assembled by a private collector over several decades in the late twentieth century. It contains Peruvian imprints from 1585 to 1817, as well as early works on Peru published in Europe. Offered here as a single collection, it represents a rare opportunity to acquire a specialised library of international significance, one that contains many outstanding rarities as well as unique and previously unknown material.

The collection comprises 128 individual items. Its subject matter is diverse: ecclesiastical, theological, juridical, political, military, historical, linguistic, literary and scientific works are all represented. Approximately one hundred Limenian imprints form the core of the collection. The earliest of these is the rare Tercero Cathecismo (1585), containing parallel texts in Spanish, Quechua and Aymara. This book, from the press of Antonio Ricardo, was only the third or fourth book printed in South America. The collection includes more than forty Limenian imprints from before 1700; more than fifty from the eighteenth century; and a handful from the first decades of the nineteenth century, the period immediately prior to Peruvian independence in 1821. A number of the Limenian imprints are previously unrecorded.

USD $750,000.00
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