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A specialist catalogue on the glorious books and prints from the golden age of Australian Natural History, featuring works by John Gould, John White, George Shaw, Sir James Edward Smith, Ferdinand Bauer and John Lewin. This catalogue includes some of the great rarities relating to this subject, notably Smith's Botany of New Holland and Shaw's Zoology of New Holland, books which are ideal examples of the way in which early Australian studies were well-served by the most skilled Georgian artists and printers.

Among some of the other highlights are James Atkinson's splendid An Account of the State of Agriculture & Grazing in New South Wales (1838) with the view of Sydney and the remarkable map of New South Wales; the rare Thesaurus Botanicum by Trattinnick and the equally uncommon Sammlung schönblühender Gewächse of Ness von Esenbeck, two important botanical books with a range of fine illustrations of some of the first Australian plants to be cultivated in Europe; a lovely presentation copy of James Busby's Treatise on the Culture of the Vine (1825), the first book on Australian wine; the rare hand-coloured edition of Governor Phillip's Voyage (1789); and a lovely set of John Latham's General History of Birds.
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