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A collection of material relating to eighteenth-century Australia, including many of the foundation works of discovery and settlement. The centrepiece of the catalogue is Daniel Gardner's portrait in oils of Edward Riou, hero of the wreck of the Guardian, painted before he sailed as a midshipman on Cook's third voyage; there is also Fabricius' 1775 work on entomology, the first work to study the insects collected by Banks and Solander on the Endeavour voyage; fine copies of the major First Fleet publications, including a set of Governor Phillip and Surgeon White's accounts bound for Viscount Courtenay; the first scientific description of a platypus by Everard Home; beautiful sets of both the French and English editions of the La Pérouse voyage; and a marvellous copy of Thomas Jefferys' American Atlas, the most comprehensive survey of the American colonies at the beginning of the Revolution and which includes several charts based on the work of James Cook.
Other specialties