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This catalog of 38 items contains original book-related artwork; runs of 19th and early 20th century literary periodicals; albums of interesting vintage photographs; signed manuscripts; hand written letters; and other unique finds.

Some highlights include:

-A remarkable collection of 244 H.P. Lovecraft items, with over 200 rare amateur press appearances dating as early as 1914

-A large archive of 31 collections of complete or near-complete sets of original artwork for books published by the Macrae Smith Company of Philadelphia, a leading publisher of children’s and young adult books

-A collection of over 100 Typed Letters Signed from the author Eugene L. Cunningham, best known for his Western-theme novels and pulp adventure stories

-A collection of more than 90 letters, postcards, and telegrams sent to Mayor Joseph F. Mattice in response to the 1970 Asbury Park, New Jersey Riots
Other specialties
African-Americana, Vietnam War, World War I, New Jersey, Anti-War, Poetry, Dustjacket Art, Asian, Business, Advertising, Cuisine, Aviation, Children, Children's Books, Engineering, Missionaries, Colonial, Horror, Hunting, Music, Naive Art, Mail Art, New York, Autographs, Photo Albums, Self-Help, Frank Sinatra, Sexuality, Erotica, Women, Counter-Culture, Western Americana, Vintage, Signed, Manuscripts, Periodicals