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The books in the first part of this catalog represent a selection from the collection of Kate Stettner Lobell and Carl D. Lobell of New York City. They are perhaps best known as collectors of important American art, as well as donors of some of that art to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (where Carl is a Benefactor), the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, the Museum of American Folk Art, and the Brooklyn Museum. However, in their spare time, Kate and Carl have managed to compile a collection of excellent literary first editions.

What distinguishes the collection is that they bought solely to their own taste. The books they have collected conform to no one else’s list of what was or is excellent or important, but fully reflect their own interests and enthusiasms. While many of the titles are well-known and sought after, and in very nice collector’s condition, all of that seemed, at least from our vantage point, as only incidental to their enjoyable pursuit of their own idiosyncratic interests. Their enjoyment of the collecting process was genuine and infectious.

Now the time has come to release some of the books that they’ve harvested back into the wild, and we are pleased to be able to facilitate that process.
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Literature, Mystery, Science, Poetry, New York, Americana, Books Into Film, African-Americana, Advertising, Automobiles, Sexuality, Socialism, Illustration, Comestibles, Wine, Cocktails, Cuisine, Horror, Baseball, Basketball, Bicycles, Yo-Yos, Swimming, Sailing, Cricket, Camping, Hunting, Tennis, Football, Martial Arts
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