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Max Silverenberg
Leo Smiet
Kleine Berg 79
5611 JT
nl 069665722B01

Since 1985 Max Silverenberg is officially busy with books. At first together with Jos Huddleston-Slater ( Since 1989 on his own. In this large shop he organized the first bookauctions in the southern part of Holland.At that time he was also co-organizer of the Eindhoven Bookfair. In 1991 the shop moved to an old and lovely building at the other side of the street. A lot smaller than the former building so he specialised in the following subjects: Constantinople, old illustrated books, art, travel judaica and maps. In 2001 we decided to expand with modern art and had a new galley built. Various expositions were held with artist like Panamarenko and Tom Wesselmann. In 2003 we decided to move the books and maps into the gallery. So at this moment we have a new modern building with old books and maps. We are participating in the Deventer bookfair, International Antiquarian Bookfair Mechelen, Paris Mapfair and the Amsterdam Antiquarian Book & Printfair. You can find us in Eindhoven at the Kleine Berg 81a Thursday Friday and Saturday and also at the internet See you., Max Silverenberg

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Illustrated books, Judaica, Maps & Prints, Art, Local history
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