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Alastair Carmichael
John Chidley
LLoreda de Cayon (Cantabria)
Lloreda De Cay
Apart from the bookshop in our private hand press in Lloreda de Cayón, in Cantabria, in the north of Spain, we publish books of poetry in limited, numbered editions. We use typographical techniques that have hardly changed in the five hundred or so years since Gutenberg made his great invention.

Most of our printing is done in Ibarra types, the most classical of Spanish type faces, and on a hand operated Minerva, or Boston type printing press, which dates from the beginning of the twentieth century. All our printing equipment – the type, both metal and wooden, the press, the cases, composing sticks, etc – comes from traditional printers in Santander that were closing down or modernizing.
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